Our first of its kind dojo coaching course accelerates coaches starting their dojo journey by going deep on the concepts and tools created and refined by an originator of the dojo model, David Laribee, at several large-scale dojo programs with dozens of coaches and hundreds of teams.

Prospective coaches will learn the dojo model, gaining proficiency in coaching a team through their immersive learning journey. We’ll cover working as a team with other coaches, mastering the core set of plays one needs to facilitate the team experience, and building or adapting new plays for different types of dojos.

What Our Students Are Saying

"I gained a lot of understanding about the operations side of dojos... and learned many discovery techniques I had never heard of." - Jared Wooten , Technical Coach

"I love the emphasis on sharing between coaches...every coach brings unique talents and perspectives. I also gained an understanding of the extraordinary importance of setting leadership expectations." - Tom Marble, Technical Coach

"It was great getting to see and hear other coaches' tips and techniques...learning how other coaches approach things like playbook creation." - Duane Kenney, Product Coach

Meet Your Instructor

David Laribee

Author & Instructor

David Laribee is a coach, developer, teacher, international speaker, and co-founder of Nerd/Noir. David also serves as the Head of Dojos and Strategic Advisor for Cprime, which has the industry's longest-running and largest dojo practice.  He helped create the dojo approach to immersive learning, popularize lean and kanban methods, and introduce product thinking to the agile landscape. As an engineering leader, David was an early adopter of eXtreme Programming and Domain Driven Design. These days you can find him working across several active dojos, collaborating with leaders on strategy, and helping to build capable coaching teams at Fortune 500 firms and hypergrowth startups.

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