A 5-week Immersive Challenge

  1. Week 1 - Core Concepts & Coaching Mindset

  2. Welcome to the Dojo

  3. Coaching in the Dojo

  4. Week 2: Dojo Walkthrough & Playbooks

  5. Dojo Experience Walkthrough

  6. Introducing the Dojo Coach's Playbook

About this course

  • 50 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content
  • 15 hours of group & 1:1 coaching
  • 5 -10 Students / Cohort
  • 6,000.00 / Student

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the terminology, concepts, and components of a dojo.

  • Adopt the dojo coach’s mindset—principles, traits, modes of engagement, and the coaching behaviors that lead to successful coaching engagements.

  • Fluently interact with the stages of the dojo team experience: onboarding, framing, discovery, iteration, exit, and post-dojo support.

  • Enhance your coaching skills by asking powerful questions at the right time, joining and contributing to dojo initiatives, developing mini-workshops & custom playbooks, and building shared visual representations of a team’s workflow, product architecture, and deployment pipelines.

  • Work with leadership to cultivate support, leverage feedback, and build situational awareness of dojo progress.

  • Employ the facilitation playbook common to dojo challenges—framing, planning, mob programming, sharing, reflection, and more.

  • Adapt the dojo model to different organizational and transformational contexts—DevOps, software engineering, project-to-product, etc.

Intended Audience

Managers, leads, and other people in team-influential roles looking to elevate their coaching game or considering a dojo experience for their team(s).

Current dojo coaches who want to round out their dojo toolkit and polish their practice.

Practicing coaches of Agile/Lean, Scrum Master, Technical, and DevOps seeking to understand the dojo model on a deeper level and add to their coaching toolkit.

Organizational change agents & transformation professionals – PMO, transformation office, etc. 

“Working with Dave and his team and taking the 'Ready to Coach' program has been such a huge return on investment for our team at Kaiser Permanente! I would definitely encourage anyone interested in enrolling in this program to do so. You’ll really enjoy the curriculum, videos, written material, and expert coaching by Dave Laribee and team!”

Steven Archer — Coaching Leader, Kaiser Permanente

“The playbook is world-class. Not only is it full of plays we can use in the game of immersive learning, but it also exposes a structure that we can all reuse to refine our own plays, and plays with other ensembles of coaches and learners. People are looking for "new ways of working", but don't know how to get there. This course provides a new way of learning to get to those new ways of working.”

Michael R. Wolf — Agile Coach & ScrumMaster

“If I were a learner with the goal of becoming a Dojo Coach, this course is so incredibly valuable and absolutely critical. There are a ton of highly transferable coaching nuggets that can kickstart the dojo experience for a coach and the team.”

Rita Emmons — Managing Director, Cprime

Course Design

  • Bite-sized Videos

    Every week students watch a series of professionally produced videos covering dojo- and coaching-related topics. Videos are short and to the point, 5-10 minutes in length.

  • Reading & Assignments

    Following the videos, students take a deeper dive into the material with supplemental reading and get hands-on with various assignments to prepare them for group work.

  • Group Coaching

    Twice a week the cohort gets together for Q&A, focused discussions, and hands-on, interactive exercises guided by a seasoned dojo coach.

You Will Receive

Beyond instructional videos and group sessions, attendees get the tools and access they need for success in the dojo.

  • Access to our online community of working coaches and fellow students on Slack.
  • 80+ Page Coach’s Playbook PDF - Containing dozens of plays, checklists, facilitation guides, resource bundles, etc.
  • Digital whiteboard templates for framing, dojo team organization, playbook examples, new playbook design, and more.
  • Invitations to exclusive events such as webinars and coach mixers.
  • Ongoing access to course content for 1-year.
  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions with your instructor, David Laribee.
  • Blockchain-backed certification, configured for sharing on LinkedIn.
  • A welcome kit of special tools and provisions.

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